Tuesday, 31 January 2012

RV1 Bus Route (10/1000)

(#557 in the Book)

All aboard!!

The RV1 bus is a great bus route alternative to sightseeing tours taking in many great touristy sights. As you can see, I took a ride on this bus at night, so I wasn't able to take any photo's of the view outside. But there is a fabulous(ly awful) one of me on the bus below... sorry about that!

After celebrating Chinese New Year in the West End (see my previous entry), I took the bus with @londonfox and @chrisnotwell from Covent Garden (one of the starting points) to Tower Bridge. This is the majority of the route, but it actually finishes a little further up at Tower Gateway. 

Here is a list of the main sights this cool little bus route takes in and is close to; @CoventGarden@SomersetHouse@IMAX@TheLondonEye@southbanklondon@TateSouthwark Cathedral@boroughmarketLondon Dungeon, Hays Galleria, Britain at War Experience@TowerBridgeSt Katherine's Dock and Tower of London (@HRP_palaces). For a map of the full bus route, please click on here.

I would suggest getting on this bus at one end and staying on there until the end. A single journey is £2.30 cash, or £1.35 if you have an Oyster Card. If you're paying your fare by cash, getting on and off the bus can be quite expensive at £2.30 a time. But, the Oyster Card will cap at £4.20 a day if you are only using buses - so you after your 4th journey (which you'll get charged 15p for), any further bus journeys will be free.

I am sure that I will be taking this little route again, and hopefully during the day, so I will be a real loser on the bus and take pictures of the views.

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