Monday, 16 January 2012

Surrey Docks Farm (6/1000)

(#32 in the book)

On a beautifully sunny and bitterly cold winters day (15th January 2012 for any of you that are interested), along with fellow tweeters @londonfox@chrisnotwell and @tin_fish, I went to visit Surrey Docks Farm. A lovely city farm right on the banks of the Thames.

The morning started off with a delicious fried breakfast at the Frizzante Cafe within the farm. I can't recommend the Big Farm breakfast enough - but be careful, it's quite large so don't expect to eat for the rest of the day! The staff were extremely friendly, and it was lovely to sit there and watch the families come in and out.

After we'd finished breakfast and had another cuppa (well it was freezing outside), we went and had a look around the farm.

There is a large pen which you are able to enter which has goats (which my friend above has helped me show), sheep, chickens and some rather impressive roosters.

The goats are very friendly... mainly because they think you have food... but as soon as they realise you don't... off they go. If you are really lucky, like me, you may even get your fingers bitten! You can buy food from the shop to feed the animals, but you can only feed them from outside the pen. 

After you've spent some time with the goats et al: you can work your way around to farm where they have pigs, cow's, donkeys, bees and geese. Passing by the home grown herbs and veg on your way through.

Mamma pig making sure baby piggies are ok...

The farm has much more to offer than just the animals - and yummy food. There are yoga classes (which I plan on getting involved in), music lessons and pottery classes. You can also take a course in learning how to be a blacksmith - this is actually #127 in my book, but sadly it cost's £80 for 4 sessions which at the moment I can't do. But should anyone want to donate to this cause do feel free to let me know!

To find out more, please visit the farms website at where they obviously go into a lot more details on the fabulous things you can do there. They are also on Twitter @surreydocksfarm - who of course you must follow! The farm is located at South Wharf, Rotherhithe Street, London SE16 5ET. The nearest stations are Rotherhithe, Surrey Quays or Canada Water and buses 381 and C10 both stop within very short walking distance of the farm. 

I spent a lovely few hours here, a fantastic working farm in a beautifully scenic setting right by the Thames. It is  somewhere I will definitely be coming back to and will bring my niece and nephew next time. 

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