Friday, 27 January 2012

What to do next? You decide...

Seeing as I only have another 993 (eek!!) things to try and do from this book, I thought I'd be pretty lazy and let you guys decide what I should do next.

My next free full day is Sunday, 12th February 2012, so that will be the day I do whatever you gorgeous readers say. Depending on the area of the chosen entry, I may very well try and do some other bits in my book in a similar area. I'll try and do the other suggestions in the order of the final rankings (no promises though!).

It will involve one of the following: watching sport; visiting planes; visiting where people were cut open; drinking a pint; watching a movie in a language I won't understand; or swimming outside in cold Feb! Brrrrrgh.

So please, go have a look at the poll to the left of this post and get voting! Unfortunately, you can't see the vote if you are on the mobile version - desktop only I'm afraid

The poll will end on the 8th February 2012 giving me a couple of days to figure out what I'm doing... I'm actually a little excited. Please vote!


  1. Have you even read my blog entry Mr Ahmed?!?!???

  2. Swim outside... at this time of year??? You're braver than me for even thinking about it!

  3. And so far it' winning in the poll... it will certainly be an experience!!!