Sunday, 26 February 2012

Borough Market - Revisited (8/1000)

(#838 in the book)

I went to Borough Market at the end of January, but sadly I could only have a quick look around. If you missed that post, you can check it out here. But yesterday I managed to have a much better look around the market.

I got there at midday, and I was starving. Borough Market is not a good place when you are hungry... EVERY stall has food. And boy... they all smell so good. After walking around in a hunger stupor, I stumbled across @BermondseyBngrs.
There was a number of different sausages to chose from (all sourced locally from the market), but in the end I decided upon a Cumberland sausage roll.
And it was delicious! Mmmmm yum yum. Could eat that again right now! As the day was so beautiful, I went to sit in the sunny gardens of Southwark Cathedral while I stuffed my face.
Once my stomach was satisfied, it was time to continue walking through the market. Maybe I had some tasters along the way too... hey, I couldn't help it!

My favourite tasting stalls have gotta be those ones selling olives. Yum. 

Look at them all! Olives with chilli, with garlic, with sun-dried tomatoes, with capers, with peppers... this list goes on! I frickin love an olive.

There was also a liquorice stall that I thought @londonfox would like... they had ones shaped like skulls and also chilli flavoured ones. Both very much up her street...

As I was walking to leave the market, I noticed the New Forest Cider stall. By this time, it was almost 1pm, so perfectly fine to have one of these...

And yes... it was a large one that I got. Well... it was cold outside, and erm...  well... it smelt lovely and I was thirsty. Think that's enough justification.

So I think another sucessful trip to @boroughmarket

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