Thursday, 9 February 2012

What to do next? You decide... THE RESULT

So... a week and half ago I asked you lot, erm, I mean my delightful readers, to vote on what entry I should do from the book on my next free day.

The options were: to watch a game of Ice Hockey; visit the Royal Air Force museum; visit the oldest operating theatre; reflect a crime of passion over a pint; watch a film at Cine Lumiere; and finally, swim outside... in the middle of town.

And can you guess what was most poplar...?

The Result

                                          ...making me swim outside in the middle of winter. A freezing winter too mind. And so on this coming Sunday that is exactly what I will be doing. 

So thanks guys... thank's a lot! You sadistic cruel people!

(But can you all keep a secret? I'm actually looking forward to it. Sssshhhh... you can't tell anyone!)

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