Sunday, 29 April 2012

BBC Show Preview

(not in the book)

I'm on the mailing list to be in the audience for @bbc shows. About 2 months ago, I got a standard email with the upcoming show's - both TV and radio - and one particularly caught my eye. A new @bbccomedy show Citizen Khan due to be aired on BBC One. The basics of the story is of Mr Khan, a Pakistani self appointed community leader (who thinks he knows everything and really knows nothing!), and his long suffering family. It was written by @AdilRay and also Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto who wrote such shows as Goodness Gracious Me. Goodness Gracious Me was one of my favourite programmes when I was younger, so that kinda swayed it for me. So I applied for 2 tickets to be in the audience.

I am forever applying for tickets for shows, but had never got any. Until this! I'd forgotten all about applying (generally do as I don't expect to get any!) but they emailed me to say that I'd been successful. Yay!

Now let me explain. This series is going to be filmed in Salford, so what I had tickets to was a read-through in front of a live audience - the first time they would have done this.

So on 17th April 2012, @paktographer and I went to the Rada Studio's (16 Chines Street, London WC1E 7EX) where the read-through was being done. Although I had a ticket, it didn't guarantee us entry, so we got there early to make sure it wasn't a wasted journey for either of us! Thankfully it wasn't and we were admitted.

I had absolutely no idea who was in this show except for Adil Ray who plays Mr Khan. So was pleasantly surprised when we got given a programme with a Synopsis and the Cast.

So the cast included, Shoubu Kapoor (Probably most famous as Gita from Eastenders. Remember her? Married to Sanjay who slept with her sister? Wow... I remember way too much from old school Eastenders!), Felix Dexter (comedian who has been in shows such as The Fast Show, Lenny Henry Show, Absolutely Fabulous) and my personal favourite, Kris Marshall (off of My Family, Love Actually and the BT ad's fame)!!

I wasn't able to take photo's during the read through, but I did take a sneaky one of the "stage".

Not very exciting agreed. Soz about that.

But... there is a pic of me and @paktographer you'll all be glad to see...

Now, why did I go with @paktographer I hear you all ask? Because he's Pakistani? Nah. Because I knew he'd have no plans! Haha. Plus I've always thought I'd will make a good Pakistani wife for him, so thought I'd better get some research in! Har de ha ha. 

We had seats in the front row and at 7.30pm it started. We sat and watched the first two episodes of the series, although it was a read through the cast were wearing their costumes and it was pretty much a dress rehearsal. The two episodes that we watched we very very funny. One was about Mr Khan's long suffering wife wanting to drive, and the second one was about his daughter's finace losing his job. 

I'm not going to tell you any more about it as you'll have to watch the series when it's on TV - which I think is autumn time. But it is very funny and I will most certainly will be watching it. If you want to get more of an idea just what Citizen Khan will be like have a look at the clip below  

There are lots more specials with Mr Khan on the @bbccomedy section of the @bbc's website here.

If you fancy applying for @bbc tickets, go to the website and register! The chances are you probably won't get any, but you never know! You can get to the website here.

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