Sunday, 8 April 2012

Get to know the Goths (22/1000)

(#666 {how original!} in the book)

Today is my best friend @londonfox's birthday, so on Friday just gone - 6th April 2012 - we headed up town to have a few birthday drinks. One of the places we went to was Garlic and Shots in Soho.

Me and the birthday girl @londonfox
I was first introduced to this bar by @londonfox a few years back and it has become on of my favourite places to drink in London. You walk in the door, and you are greeted by a restaurant - which I haven't eaten in yet, but I've heard the food is delicious - but you walk straight through to the end of the room and there is a set of steep stairs you walk down on the right hand side that take you down into the basement - or the Vampire Bar as it officially known.

Skull on the stairs
Now the bar downstairs is tiny, there is a very small room where the bar is and then an area off of the room which I can only describe as a cave.

Garlic and Shots is famous for having garlic with everything - from the food to the drinks - but they are probably most famous for the bloodshot. 

This is bloodshot - tomato juice, vodka, garlic, chilli and spices - as a shot it's not for me (not a massive fan of tomato), but I think it would be an awesome sauce for pasta! Nevertheless it would be very rude not to have one (well we had two actually) while we were there. 

This is the gang of us who went out for the drinks and about to do our first shot. From left to right there is @benfocusST3 (who's birthday is also today), @chrisnotwell@londonfox and @Jeff_Tanton in the top pic, and me (@tadders), in the bottom pic. Bottoms up!

And it was done. Garlic is good. Vodka is good. Tomato is not so good. And the chilli?!? My throat was still burning 10 minutes later. Was the first time that @benfocusST3 and @Jeff_Tanton had been there, and I think after the initial shock of the hit of chilli in the shot, they enjoyed it. Luckily we had a few San Miguels to cool us down! They do have another 100 shots too you can try if the bloodshot isn't for you.

So the goth reference in the title of this blog. This place is very well hidden but well known to those who are into "heavy metal" music - this is what is played in the bar. It is also quite gothic with the skulls and strange mummy type thing in the corner. Oh, and the clientèle too helps.

Oh, and it's very dark. But is such a good place that I highly recommend if you are in the Soho area.

I was quite drunk in that photo... but surprisingly I don't look that bad. Yay, go me!

Ok, so now the important bit - where Garlic and Shots is located and their website. Garlic and Shots is based at 14 Frith Street, London W1D 4RD and their website is here. Sadly I get completely lost when I get into Soho and all the streets look exactly the same to me - so good luck finding it and I hope you're sense of direction is better than mine!

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