Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lagging Behind...

So here we are, in May already and I feel like I've neglected this blog somewhat. I have just been really busy and sadly none of it has been blog related. Things aren't going to be much better this month I regret to say as I'm off on my 'oliday's at the end of May and any free time before then I'm being a massive loser and going to the gym!

But fear not readers... I have lots of things in the pipeline, but I need some decent weather (hasn't the continuous rain here for the past month been horrendous?!?) and more importantly the time to do things!! 

So please bear with me, this blog has not been forgotten about - I still have a half written blog entry on the London Marathon I've been trying to finish for 2 weeks - and I plan on doing lots of stuff when I come back from my hols.

I've still got lots of things - 977 in fact - to do in London and they will be done!

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