Sunday, 3 June 2012

Admire the city from a summit - Tower Hill (28/1000)

(#209 in the book)

So in the book there are 10 hills and Tower Hill is one of them.

Back in the day, way way back in the day, there was a Bronze Age settlement here. Now there's, well, an Underground Station.

Hardly a summit anymore. But there is a fabulous view from the top all the same...

Well hello the Tower of London! What a sight for sore eyes you are.

And that's kinda it. Not so amazing any more, but you do get to appreciate the Tower. Below is a video of the panoramic view of the area from the top of the hill.

So if you find yourself at Tower Hill Underground Station, or Fenchurch Street, come and have a look. Might not be the greatest view you'll ever see, but the Tower does look impressive on the other side of the road all the same.

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