Friday, 1 June 2012

Eat Pie & Mash - M Manze's {Part 1} (26/1000)

(#124 in the book)

Mmmmm Pie and Mash - good ol' London food. In the book there are 14 different Pie and Mash shops to go to, but seeing as I was in the SE1 area today, I went in search of M Manze. 

This Pie and Mash shop is the oldest in London - circa 1902 - and it is highly recommended with it's beautiful interior.

Now sadly, I got there at 2.20pm and they stopped serving in the restaurant at 2.15pm - balls. But, I was able to get a take-away! Phew. And this is why this entry is a Part 1, Part 2 will be when I go back and actually go and sit down inside.

So I ordered my pie and 2 mash (and gravy as I don't like liquor - yes, sacrilege I know!), and wondered up to Tower Bridge to settle down and eat my lunch.

2 Mash, Pie & Gravy (& Pink Cranberry Lemonade from M&S)
A fantastic view

And it was yummy. Yummy yummy yummy. Although the mash did defeat me... I had to leave some. Lordy looking at the pic's is making me hungry all over again!!

M Manze's is based at 87 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 4TW, is a 10 minute-ish walk from Tower Bridge. They've got a website you can visit here and they also deliver. Awesome. 

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