Sunday, 3 June 2012

Take in the view from Tower Bridge (27/1000)

(#1 in the book)

So after stuffing myself on Pie and Mash on Friday (you can see that blog post here), I decided to go up Tower Bridge.

The entrance is on the north side of the bridge. A lift takes you up to the walkway where you watch a video on how the bridge came to be - a competition was held to design a new bridge and this was chosen! Something that I never knew.

The video clip showed the designer (top left), Queen Victoria (top right) and the architect (middle/bottom).

Then we went through to the East Walkway - looking out East towards Canary Wharf, Shooters Hill, Greenwich etc...

Canary Wharf
St Katherine's Dock
Looking across to the West Walkway
Fireworks in place for the Jubilee Pageant
Then once you've got to the end, you walk along the West Walkway, looking out to the City & West End -

Gherkin & Tower of London
St Paul's Cathedral 
The newly reopened HMS Belfast
The London Eye
And not forgetting the Shard...
Looking across to the East Walkway

You do have to walk back on yourself on the West Walkway to get to the next part of the experience. But that does give you a chance to read some of the facts and figures about the bridge that you took no notice of first time round ;-)

There are quite a few stairs to go down in order to get to the lift, but there are some very good pieces of art of the significent buildings you can see between Tower Bridge and Battersea.

Looking down on the road, south side

Once you've got down the stairs (there is a lift available for disabled/pushchairs etc...), you then take the lift down to street level on the south side. 

You then follow the blue line which takes you to...

...the Engine Rooms!

This part of the exhibition shows you the engines that were used and the engineering behind them. The engines are pretty impressive, well they'd have to be in order to lift the bridge up! 

Now unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to read properly about the engines because there was a group of school kids from somewhere in Europe that wouldn't shut up! That's the thing with places like this... it's full of tourists! Everytime I tried to read something they'd get in my way, or talk incredibly loud etc.. so in the end I just wanted to get the hell outta there.

But it is still so worth going to. Tower Bridge is such a beautiful bridge to look at, and the views that you get from the top are just spectacular and possibly one of the best in London. 

Admission is £8 for adults, and you can also get a joint ticket to go up Monument for £9 (if I had more time I would have done this too). This includes the Engine Rooms as well, but I have a feeling that most people don't do this because it involves walking to another place. Most people are lazy and once they are at street level they go off and do something else.

Tower Bridge is located 5 minutes from Tower Hill Underground, Fenchurch Street Station and Tower Gateway on the DLR. There are also loads of buses that go near - and some over. Oh, and London Bridge Station is only a 10 minute walk. Their website is here and of course they are on Twitter @TowerBridge.

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