Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Celebrate Burns Night (30/1000)

(#693-698 in the book)

Ok... so the book recommends 6 places to go to celebrate Burns Night, however, the majority wanted £50-£100 for a meal. I'll be honest, a little out of my price range :( There is a pub on the list which looks awesome, but with Burns Night being a Friday night this year, you were advised to get there early and with being at work I'd never got there early enough to find a space. I will however be going to the places recommended... just another time.

So with the help of my good friend Time Out, I set out to find another (and cheaper!) way to celebrate Robert Burns birthday. And I came across the @BlueprintCafe, a restaurant based above the Design Museum, who were doing a special Burns Night menu for £20 for 2 courses or £25 for 3. Much more reasonable! So on 25th January 2013, myself along with @londonfox@chrisnotwell and a friend of theirs Debbie, took ourselves off to have some dinner.

With the Design Museum being based in Shad Thames, and right on the river we had a beautiful view while eating.

Looking out towards Tower Bridge
Anyway... back to the restaurant and more importantly, food. You could chose from the following;

Now... what to eat? It all looked really good (bar the Cranachan and Scottish tart as I don't have a sweet tooth). In the end, I went for... dun dun daaaaar, drum roll please...

Haggis Croqettes 
They were delicious. I'd never had anything to do with Haggis before, so I got all brave and had that - it was mixed with potato, what could go wrong! Thankfully it was yummy. And the Rumbledethump was so tasty too.

I also had the cheese for desert, but that was pretty obvious eh with the other two me not liking! Plus there's no pic as, well... cheese is pretty boring to be honest isn't it? Tasty though. Nom.

My only criticism is that the night was billed as a Burns Night special, with music, but when we arrived at 9.15pm the bagpipe player left, so we didn't actually get to listen to any of the highland music promised. That was disappointing. However, in the majority the food was really good (although @chrisnotwell's main dish of venison was sadly quite rubbery) and there was the amazing view. I would definitely come back here to try out the main food and enjoy that incredible view once again. Thinking the summertime will be good, when they open up all the doors facing the river.

You can find the @BlueprintCafe on the 1st Floor of the Design Museum, 28 Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD and there website is here.

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