Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Capital Reads (34/1000)

(#470 in the book)

So after we'd been in Dutch pub De Hems while celebrating Chinese New Year (10th February 2013) to rescue ourselves from the rain, next stop was The Coach & Horses.

In the 1000 Things book, this entry is all about books based in London and visiting places that are (loosely) mentioned within the books. There is one snag, there are about 20 different places to visit within just this one entry. I will still try to visit them all (there are a few pubs in there, so happy days), but it'll take me a while! And this way it's ticked off the list :)

Under the Net is the book that you're meant to read while visiting the Coach & Horses. I have to admit, not a book I've ever heard of, but it's by an author called Iris Murdoch about a struggling young writer, Jake Donaghue, who in the pursuit of a girl visits lots of Soho pubs and becomes friends with a newsagent owner. And the Coach & Horses is a Soho pub. Tedious link complete! But, there have been a number of writers and journalists throughout the years, most famously a colomist Jeffery Bernard who had something to do with the publication Private Eye - I'll be honest, have never heard of him! And once a fortnight there is a Private Eye lunch and a sing-a-long on the old Joanna according to Wiki. So it does fit in with the whole book entry. 

It's also quite a famous pub for having the rudest landlord, so much so that when @londonfox mentioned to it to a few people they were concerned for her going there! Thankfully he's gone now and there are much nicer people there.

Now the book stuff is out the way... more about the pub!

It's a fairly small pub downstairs, horse shoe shaped (quite apt!) but has a fair few tables, and enough standing space. There's also a piano which you lot already know because of my old Joanna spiel above. There is a restaurant and tea room upstairs. Getting to them is a bit different as you have to walk through the middle of the bar to go upstairs.

Entrance to the Restaurant and Tea- Room
This pub was the first vegetarian one in London and the food here is all veggie or vegan and it looked lovely. Just looked at the menu on their website and they've got some amazing sounding foods like Leek, Tomato and Chesse Pie. Definitely coming back for a visit for some grub! Mmmm. 

Me, @DChristie83, @chrisnotwell and @londonfox with our beers
- and a photo of the Queen  Mum pulling a pint behind!
The service was slower than I'd have liked, but it was very busy with Chinese New Year happening on the next road down and a lot of people going up to the restaurant. I'd probably not come back here for a drink if I'm honest but will definitely come to try the food.

The Coach & Horses is based at 29 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 5DH and their website is here although it's currently under construction - but you can still see the food menu :)

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