Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Find your Fetish (41/1000)

(#70 in 1000 Things)

Ok... I'm gonna say sorry now to any of my family reading this... I promise it's not the kinda shop I usually go into, but for the purposes of doing the book, I had too! And if anyone under 18 happens to be reading this, it's of adult content so please close this page and have a look at one of my other blog entries.

So Honour... Honour is a shop which provides "Fantasy Fashion and Accessories" and is obviously a location to visit within the book hence me going - and before anyone comments, I didn't buy anything!!! And because it is on Lower Marsh and we had already been to other entries of the book here like i Knit, Radio Days etc... we had to come in here too.

You know what kinda place you're going into when you have to be buzzed in. Myself along with @londonfox and @chrisnotwell stood outside the shop for a few minutes deciding if we were actually going to go in. Not sure any of us wanted to be the buzzer... then someone came out and I seized our chance and I walked in. Thankfully they both followed! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but there were lots of people in there which I wasn't expecting.

It's a small shop with two floors. Downstairs is mainly full of women's PVC/rubber/leather clothing (along with stockings and shoes) and upstairs has men's clothing (again, lots of PVC/rubber/leather) and accessories. There were lots of accessories. For such a small place they can fit a lot in. Ahem. I'll be honest, some of the things were quietly terrifying. They varied from vibrators, to masks, to handcuffs, to strap-ons, to butt plugs... you kinda get the drift. Lordy, I can feel myself going all shades of red just writing this!!

A terrified looking @Chrisnotwell -
not totally surprising with the size of the items next to him!
If you happen to be someone who is into this kinda scene, the shop has lots of different bits, so I am sure that you would find most things you'd be after. They also have a website which I think has a much larger collection and you can find them @honourclothing on Twitter too.

Honour is based at 86 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AB.

Oh, and did I find my fetish? Nope! And even if I did, do you guys really think I'd be sharing it with you? A girls gotta keep some secrets you know... ;-)

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