Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Rediscover your Knitting Needles (40/1000)

(#94 in 1000 Things book, #156 {4th June} in ToLToL, #884 in Under £10 book)

So on the same day that I discovered Radio Days, I also stumbled across a little knitting shop called i Knit London. Walking past I could just see a group of people sitting around having a glass of wine and knitting. I remember texting @londonfox straight away telling her I wanted to learn how to knit so I could come here and do that because it just looked so cool. Yes cool.

That was 18 months ago...

I am glad to say that I have started to knit! Yay! A little before christmas, @londonfox's mum and auntie came over to her flat to teach us (well mainly me as @londonfox can knit, and I had never done it in my life!), and I'm glad to say that I can now knit... kinda. I can't however cast off or retract any mistakes I make... BUT I'm new at all this haberdashery lark so it's a learning curve. To help me on my way @londonfox and @chrisnotwell brought be some knitting stuff for Christmas which is awesome :)

The top bit is my first ever attempt, the middle bit on the needles
is my current attempt and the book is my bible!
Anyhoo... back to the shop. We didn't pop in here to knit on this occasion, I'd have loved too (as I'm sure @londonfox would have too) but it would have been @chrisnotwell's idea of hell I think so we just stuck to having a quick perusal. They had all kinds of wool, books, needles, magazines and most importantly sofa and chairs to sit on to knit and booze at the back!

I just had a look at their website to get an idea of when they hold specific events, and it seems like tuesday nights is going to be the one for me... a knitting group for new knitters! Perfect. Does start at 6pm though, so I might have to be extra good at work and ask my boss very nicely if she'll let me leave an iccle early so I can go be incredibly cool and knit.

i Knit is based at 106 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AB.

Oh, on a slightly different (but still to do with knitting) note, if anyone lives near to the Rotherhithe/Surrey Quays/Bermondsey area, on the first thursday of every month there is a WWW (Wine, Women and Wool) night at a pub called the Ship in Rotherhithe. As the name of the night suggests, it's only open to us girlies, but it's a good night, all the other women are lovely, friendly and most importantly helpful with my lack of knitting skills!

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