Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Scooterworks Cafe (37/1000)

(#237 in the book)

So after we'd walked through Leake Street and taken in an art exhibition, our next stop was the Scooterworks Cafe. 

So we walk in, and we are greeted by scooters inside (like you couldn't tell that from the name), but also CATS! 

Sleeping cat on a chair someone could be sitting on!
I mean, what else do you want when you wanna pop out for a coffee? It's a pretty small space, but there is a downstairs and also an outside bit at the back I think.

Upstairs was pretty packed, so while @chrisnotwell and @londonfox ordered our drinks I popped down the steep spiral staircase to try and find a table for us all. Downstairs is even smaller than upstairs, but I found us a table. Phew!

So the book recommends this places for amazing Italian coffee and the cats. The cats in this place is pretty awesome, but I really don't like coffee, so that bit is pretty lost on me. So I went for a hot chocolate .. and it was yummy!

Mmm.... yum!
I was hoping they did food as I was staving, but they didn't. Well, technically that's not entirely true as you can can clearly see from my pic that they do sell tea cakes and caramel wafer bars, and they also had a few different cakes (all chocolate), but they don't do any "proper" food. Hence me buying the bits that I did... but hey, they were yummy so I was happy!!

Me kinda looking happy...
The cafe overall is pretty good (even without proper food), and it's also a bar to so you can buy alcohol if you so wish. Although it would have been slightly more exciting if we'd seen more that 1 cat properly, we were definitely expecting to see more. Think this is definitely somewhere we'll pop back to when in the area (and hopefully see more cats!).

The Scooterworks Cafe is based at 132 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AE.

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