Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shop for Vintage (39/1000)

(#44 in 1000 Things)

So, I don't have may shops that I love, but this is one of them. Ladies and gentleman I introduce you to Radio Days.

I first popped in here best part of 18 months ago when I went to the Imperial War Museum which is just down the road. That day I decided to walk back to Aldgate to get the bus home and that is when I first stumbled (quite accidentally) on Lower Marsh.

I was only meant to pop in to have a quick look, but in the end I was in there for a good hour or so - trying some of the amazing vintage clothes on and also have a long chat with one of the owners. 

The shop comprises of 2 parts, clothing at the back and everything else you could think of at the front - including jewellery, ties, bow ties, stockings, phones, glassware, china, magazines etc... all from the 1920's to (my favourite decade the) 1980's.

This shop is just absolutely lovely in every way, really friendly owners and had fabulous content. Be warned, the pricing isn't cheap, but a lot of the clothing is old school designer and you pay a price for that (although I was told if you like something, tell the owners and they might be able to do you a special deal/price). There is also a chance they will stay open longer in the evening if you call on that day and let them know what time you'll be down.

Radio Days is based at 87 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AB. Just remember to spare yourself an hour or so when you're in there as you well and truly go back in time!

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