Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fitness Playground - Update

So remember how last week I blogged about my free trial with Fitness Playground? And how I mentioned that I was stupid enough to have booked another session which I willingly paid for? Well that was last night...

And I feel that it's only fair that I update you all on this weeks session as it was very different to my session last week - I wasn't on my own!!! Hurrah!

I somehow managed to get @ivotedtory to come with me this week - which is pretty good going as she broke her elbow 8 weeks ago! Not only was @ivotedtory here, but also about 12 other people including @brob11! Finally we got to meet face to face after speaking on Twitter for a fair few months.

Anyhoo... the reason we were all there. To get fit and to meet people! And although technically last week I did meet Pete and Dan, it was nice to meet other people willing to make fools of themselves running round London's streets :)

As promised, we did a different route this time, running to our first station which was by the fantastic Imperial War Museum (@I_W_M) where we went into two groups and played a couple of games to get warmed up. And as much fun as it was playing tag with Pete last week, have a large group of us was much more fun (Sorry Pete).

From there we ran towards Waterloo station, running down Lower Marsh and through Leake Street. It was at this point I was in some pain... my calves were absolutely killing me. 

Stupidly I had not only cycled 5 miles to work in the morning, but I had run 1.5 miles straight after and then after work I cycled 5 miles home again. NOT a good idea to do all that exercise and then do this afterwards... lesson well and truly learnt. Am glad to say that Dan stayed with me for the majority of the time, giving me stretches to do along the way  for my calves while Pete and the rest of the guys ran on ahead. I felt awful that I was so slow this week, but the whole idea of Fitness Playground is that anyone can do it and all at their own pace. I still felt pants and a little embarrassed though I'll be honest.

The next station was outside County Hall where we played a game of Pacman. Yup, Pacman. We basically had certain lines we could run up and down on, and had a "ghost" chasing us. Once the ghost got you, you became one too and had to get the rest... queue lots of laughter, running and almost someone going over! 

Next was a run to the South Bank centre where we ran up and down lots of stairs. We got to the top of the centre and then played some more games. We all had to run around and get into groups when a number was called... if you lost, 2 press ups. I only lost once, but it was the first round. Then we had various amounts of resistance exercises with other members of the group. An great way of interacting with the guys and girls.

From here, we made our way back to the start again. Doing various stretches along the way as we ran back. Our last stop before the end was a small gardens my Lower Marsh where we played a game called Roxanne. So we all know the song Roxanne by the Police? Well we had to be in a plank position and do certain things when the words "Roxanne" and "Red Light" came on. Roxanne was a push up from memory (I seem to have blocked it out)* and when Red Light came on we had to jump up and do a star jump type thing before getting back into the plank position again. Do you have any idea how many times those words come up, esp in the chorus! Eek. Was still lots of fun. 

*ah, @brob11 has just said we did burpee's not push-up's when we heard Roxanne. Yup, totally blocked it out!

Last leg of the journey and a run back to the University where we started. Well I say run... it was pretty much a walk for me. Ouch ouch ouch. Stupid calves. Dan once again stayed with me and tried to help spur me on, including some help on running differently so there wasn't so much strain on my calves which helped a lot (I managed to run 4 miles home today the way he suggested and it was much less pain on my calves).

So a very different week to last week. Good but different. Was really nice to see such a big group of people, and considering Monday nights are fairly new, there was a lot of new peeps there and hopefully they'll come back and pay money like I did! Both @ivotedtory and I are going back again next Monday night, and we're also bringing two people along with us so the word is well and truly spreading.

And a quick reminder, to book your free (and payable too!) session you need to go to their website www.fitnessplayground.co.uk.

I just need to make sure that next week I do no exercise before the session so I can actually keep up with everyone else... made me realise just how quite unfit I am and how uber fit everyone else seemed to be! A little deflating to be honest, but that will all change... doing this at least 2 times a month and you wait... toned body, I'm coming to get you!

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