Saturday, 28 December 2013

A change for 2014...

First of all, apologies... I've once again been pretty darn slack with my blog haven't I? I am really sorry about that...

The second half of 2013 turned into 6 months of me being busy non-stop. I did managed to do a few blog things, but I haven't had 10 minutes to myself to write anything up. Bad me.

Anyway... I've had to change the title of this slightly to 1001 things. I have had a complete mare trying to renew my domain name of 1000things and after about 3 weeks of hassle, I went elsewhere and just decided to get a new domain name. It also just so happened that I already had a image of 1001 things (thanks to @dan_nixon of @fitnessplaygnd fame), which in all honesty look and sounds a little nicer!

So... on to 2014. Where I plan on doing a lot of stuff from my books. A LOT. With the exception of February as I'll be on my jollys in NEW ZEALAND baby!!!! But for the other 11 months of the year... I'll be dedicating most of it to this bad boy, my neglected blog.

Hope you all have a very happy new year and good 2014!

Tadders x

And remember... it's from now on! :)