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2015 - a round-up

Wowza... the last time I posted anything on this blog was in December 2013. TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN. A whole 2 years ago!!

So I'm not going to bore you with everything I've done in the past 2 years, but I will give you a run down of how 2015 has shaped up for me.


I have some truly fantastic friends, and this year they have been there to help me through some pretty tough times in 2015.

There are my locals - a group of us who live in the SE16 area who just have such a blast when we meet up. 

The girls that make up the Awesome Foursome - one of us may have moved thousands of miles away, but that makes no difference.

New friends I've met and/or met properly this year (in no particular order), @Cobblerino, @BreatheFitPT@cowfields@jason_best, @nickellis374 and @G_Moneeee.

And of course everyone else... can't name you all but you all know who you are!


Dec 2014 saw me move to a different job within my company. That lead me from being constantly behind a desk in my old role, to doing a whole load of travelling!

Work wise, I have been to Amsterdam (4 times), Stockholm (3 times), Frankfurt (2 times), Dublin (8 times) and Las Vegas (just the once!). Amsterdam I had been to already, but the other 4 places I got to tick off my cities/countries to visit list. To confirm... I spent a lot of time working and these are taken early in the morning, late at night or time off!

Amsterdam - June 2015
Stockholm - July 2015
Stockholm - July 2015. 11pm at Night!
Frankfurt - March 2015
Frankfurt - March 2015
Las Vegas - Sept 2015
Las Vegas - Sept 2015
Las Vegas - Sept 2015. Jumping off the Stratosphere :)
Las Vegas - Sept 2015
Non work wise, i.e. for PLEASURE, 2015 saw me visit some other cities/countries that I can now tick off. 

My main holiday was with @kroedel2 in May to the Dominican Republic, Caribbean. And it was 2 glorious weeks with blue skies and crystal clear waters. 

July saw a group of us surprising @chrisnotwell in Berlin for his 40th birthday. Love Germany so much. 

September I went to Krakow with @brob11, Poland is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. We also managed to go to Auschwitz which was a sobering experience that I never want to experience again.

December saw me visit Belgium for the first time, luckily enough to stay in Ostend with my friend and his wife, and visiting Bruges and most excitingly, Ypres and the Menin Gate.

Ypres - Menin Gate
Charity and Fitness

Ok, so these two don't exactly go together. BUT I have done some charity runs and a cycle this year so there you go - tedious link successful! Hurrah :)

During 2015 I continued to volunteer for Contact the Elderly, a charity that tackles loneliness amongst the ever increasing elderly generation through monthly tea parties. I have a fantastic group and we've had some fab times this year, including a trip to the British Museum, beano to Herne Bay and also summer and Christmas parties at Club 338.

Herne Bay - Aug 2015

You'll all be glad to know that I am still obsessed with all things London 2012 and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, so this year saw me do three runs there. The first was Pretty Muddy, second was the Great Newham Run (formally the National Lottery Anniversary Run), and the third was a night time Colour Run.

Pretty Muddy with @Orbette and @londonfox
Great Newham Run with Bradders
Colour Run Night again with Bradders

And in August I did my only charity cycle ride of the year the London Bikeathon for Bloodwise who tackle blood cancer. Was one of my favourite routes I've done. Mainly as it starts and finishes in London. 

Entertainment (inc theatre, gigs, sports)

I saw a lot of great things in 2015. 

Theatre - including Book of Mormon (twice), Edward Scissorhands ballet, Cats (all I could think about was Thundercats!), Avenue Q, Who's Line is it Anyway?, the Car Man, Rocky Horror (with Richard O'Brien!), American Idiot, Hairspray, and Disney on Ice.
The Book of Mormon

Gigs - including Olly Murs, Let's Rock - an 80s day with @starbug78, my first ever festival Rewind - an 80s festival (theme here perhaps?), FFS (a collaboration of two of my favourite bands, Sparks and Franz Ferdinand), the Hoosiers and Stereophonics.

Let's Rock - Jason Donovan on stage
The Hoosiers... signed set list! :)
Comedy - got to see Michael McIntyre.

Sports - the London Marathon runs pretty much outside my flat so obviously had to cheer everyone one, saw Reading vs Arsenal in the 2015 FA Cup semi final, two lots of the ATP Tennis and of course I still have a season ticket at Dagenham and Redbridge FC (for my sins!).

Jensen Button running the London Marathon
Reading vs Arsenal at Wembley
ATP Tennis
And on to 2016...

There will be a few fairly big things for me during 2016. 

Home life... After a fantastic 3 and a bit years, I will be moving to another flat early on in 2016. Fingers crossed anyway. Got myself some lovely sods to move in with too. Also not at all that far away from where I'm living now. Please keep all your fingers crossed that it happens smoothly and quickly!

Work... My company is due be brought by another company in a few weeks, and so I'll soon be working for a different company. Will be odd after working with my current company for over 7 years now, but I'm hoping it is going to be a good thing.

I also have the wedding of the year when my best friend @londonfox marries @chrisnotwell.

New Year Resolutions

I gave up doing New Year Resolutions a long time ago, they don't work. But I am going to try and do some of the following;
  • have more time for me - treat myself a bit more and don't feel guilty when I do!
  • say "no" more - relates to the above
  • read more books
  • get back into blogging about the city I love so much
  • see more theatre shows
  • finally travel more! Already have Toronto lined up for March... (hoping to also add Brazil to that in September for the Paralympics!) 
So here we are 01 January. 2015 done. A new year is upon us.

Happy New Year to you all and cheers to 2016! 

Tadders xx

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